Brian Madden

Hi. I'm Brian. I recently left my position in the IT industry after 21 years (the last 13 at to spend time on other, non-IT projects while I think about what I want to do next.

This is me:

What I'm doing now

My IT Career

IT / Desktop Virtualization / VDI / DaaS

I spent 1995-2016 in the IT industry studying desktop virtualization.


I've written several books over the years


I've given over 500 presentations and speeches in my life, from small 20-person seminars to keynote speeches at large conferences with thousands of audience members. Most of these were about IT, though some were about pinball.

Some of these are available on YouTube:


I created an open source pinball software framework called the Mission Pinball Framework that people can use for the code to power real pinball machines. (Like, the real 300-pound machines you find in bars, not "virtual" pinball on your computer.)

Here's a 3-part podcast where I was interviewed on the Boom Go Pinball podcast about the Mission Pinball Framework:

You should build your own pinball machine. It's fun!

Indoor Golf in New York City

I co-founded, along with Mike Webster, Premier Indoor Golf, on 28th & 5th in Manhattan. It's really cool. You use real clubs to hit real golf balls into a huge screen, and a stereo laser camera analyzes the flight path to show where the ball would go. So it's "real" golf, but indoors. Good for training or just for fun after work. (Also we have pinball and beer!)